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The most frequently asked questions

BeezUP subscription: are there any hidden costs?

No, there are no hidden costs behind BeezUP subscriptions.
The content of our offers and options is described transparently on the Offer page

Can I edit my catalog after I’ve imported it into BeezUP?

Yes, you can edit your catalog after you’ve imported it into BeezUP. This is thanks to its Personalized Fields feature.

  • Enrich an incomplete product feed
    Example: indicate the shipping costs even if they are not in your feeds.
  • Upgrade a field in terms of expected values
    Example: turn a “1” in your source feed into “In Stock” for a specific network
  • Combine several fields
    Example: turn your product title into the concatenation: “product name” + “color” + “brand”.
  • Modify a value in relation to multiple conditions
    Example: run a 10% promotion on products of brand XX on marketplace YY.

Note that this will have no impact on your source catalog.

Do you have a Shopify module?

We don’t currently have a Shopify module. Nevertheless, it is possible to do an integration via API

What is the Conversations feature?

Conversations is a marketplace messaging feature integrated in BeezUP. It enables merchants to respond to their customers before and after the sale.
Compatible marketplaces are: Amazon, Cdon, Rakuten and all the Mirakl marketplaces available on BeezUP.
For all you need to know about Conversations, it’s over HERE