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All your questions about our 2000 e-commerce channels

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All your questions about our 2000 e-commerce channels

Am I alerted when I receive a marketplace order?

Yes, you can be alerted when you receive a marketplace order. Simply subscribe to push notifications, which are natively integrated in your BeezUP e-commerce feed management platform.

Are clicks on price comparison sites invoiced?

No, we don’t invoice the number of clicks on price comparison sites.

Are the acquisition channels included in my BeezUP offer?

Yes, all acquisition channels such as price comparison, affiliation platforms, social networks, retargeting are free and unlimited in all BeezUP offers.

Note that this does not include the subscription to these channels.

Can I generate invoices for my marketplace orders?

Yes, depending on the offer you subscribe to, you can automatically generate invoices for your marketplace orders. It is also possible to integrate your brand logo and send them via the marketplace messaging system (Conversations) integrated in BeezUP.

Can I track the clicks on price comparison sites?

Yes, you can track the clicks of your products on price comparison sites via the Analytics available on the BeezUP platform.

Is there commission on marketplace sales?

No, we have never taken commission on our customers’ marketplace sales.

What types of networks are available on BeezUP?

At BeezUP our sellers have access to more than 2000 international marketplaces and acquisition channels: marketplaces, Product Ads, price comparison sites, affiliates, social networks, retargeting…
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