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BeezUP Channel Network program

Make your e-commerce channel more easily accessible for qualified e-merchants in order to multiply your sales opportunities and broaden your product offering!

International Marketplaces and Acquisition channels - BeezUP

  • Fluidised merchant integration towards your e-commerce platform
  • Quality seller data and structuring of product catalogues
  • Automated data feeds: product, offer, order and messages
  • Makes your network visible to all our e-merchants


Join the BeezUP Channel Network program

Be part of BeezUP’s international channel partners and accelerate your growth!

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Technical integration

Whatever your type of network and technical environment you have, BeezUP offers you a wide range of integration solutions.🤖

Our team will support you in the different stages of this integration, from the choice of its scope (products, offers, orders, messages), to the final tests in order to ensure e-merchants have a good experience on your network.
Because more responsive sellers means an optimal customer experience on your platform!


By integrating the BeezUP network system you make yourself visible to all our e-merchants.
We have implemented “best practices” for our partners: dedicated insert in BeezUP, advert on our social networks, logo on our website, recommendation to our sellers and more if you wish! 😉

The partnership must be “win-win” for us and for our sellers.

Business opportunities

Our aim is to forge quality, long-term relationships with our partners. That’s why our BCN program goes further than just technical integration. 🤝

Whether you are a marketplace, a price comparator, a retargeter or an affiliate platform, you can become a business introducer, be recommended by our teams to our e-merchants and help your business grow!



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