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Features of the BeezUP platform

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Features of the BeezUP platform

Am I alerted when I receive a marketplace order?

Yes, you can be alerted when you receive a marketplace order. Simply subscribe to push notifications, which are natively integrated in your BeezUP e-commerce feed management platform.

Can I edit my catalog after I’ve imported it into BeezUP?

Yes, you can edit your catalog after you’ve imported it into BeezUP. This is thanks to its Personalized Fields feature.

  • Enrich an incomplete product feed
    Example: indicate the shipping costs even if they are not in your feeds.
  • Upgrade a field in terms of expected values
    Example: turn a “1” in your source feed into “In Stock” for a specific network
  • Combine several fields
    Example: turn your product title into the concatenation: “product name” + “color” + “brand”.
  • Modify a value in relation to multiple conditions
    Example: run a 10% promotion on products of brand XX on marketplace YY.

Note that this will have no impact on your source catalog.

Can I generate invoices for my marketplace orders?

Yes, depending on the offer you subscribe to, you can automatically generate invoices for your marketplace orders. It is also possible to integrate your brand logo and send them via the marketplace messaging system (Conversations) integrated in BeezUP.

Can I track my e-commerce KPIs in BeezUP?

Yes, you can track your main e-commerce KPIs in BeezUP, via your Analytics dashboard: Sales, Turnover, Clicks, Cost, margin, Performance…

Can I track the clicks on price comparison sites?

Yes, you can track the clicks of your products on price comparison sites via the Analytics available on the BeezUP platform.

What is the Conversations feature?

Conversations is a marketplace messaging feature integrated in BeezUP. It enables merchants to respond to their customers before and after the sale.
Compatible marketplaces are: Amazon, Cdon, Rakuten and all the Mirakl marketplaces available on BeezUP.
For all you need to know about Conversations, it’s over HERE