Centralize the management of your marketplace messages with CONVERSATIONS

Save time by replying to your messages from BeezUP and guarantee your marketplace customers a 5experience!

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Manage your marketplace customer relationship with ease

Reply to your future buyers before the sale, reassure them during the purchase and assist your customers after the sale with the utmost responsiveness

⏱️ Save time by managing your marketplace customers’ messages from a single platform

  • Reply to messages without having to log in to each marketplace’s back office
  • Reduce your average response time for your marketplace customers
  • Converse with your customer and/or the marketplace operator itself, across all Mirakl marketplaces
  • Activate the “Conversations” feature on one or more of your active marketplaces
  • Your conversations are synchronised every 5 minutes

📧 Personalise your pre- and post-sale messages, build customer loyalty, sell more!

  • Reactive and personalised responses
  • Choice of addressing your reply to the customer or to the marketplace operator
  • Association of any attachments
  • Creation and association of the purchase invoice in 1 click
  • Immediate sending of your replies via the chat
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💬 Have your customer messages, orders and invoices in the same place for greater reactivity

  • Find 100% of your marketplace customer messages back in BeezUP: info, disputes, delivery, etc.
  • Simplified consultation of exchanges
  • Associated order event history: purchase / shipment, etc.
  • Main characteristics of the order: amount, items, name, dates, etc.
  • Bi-directional link with your orders so you can switch from one to the other in 1 click

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Connect “Conversations” to the marketplaces where you already sell your products

Amazon, Cdon, Rakuten and all Mirakl marketplaces are compatible!

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  • Cdon marketplace
  • fnac marketplace

Optimise your customer service time and meet marketplaces’ SLAs

Puzzle-page-conv BeezUP➕ With “Conversations” your marketplace team will be operational and organised

Centralise your conversations and organise your messages to guarantee an optimal shopping experience both before and after sales, through a SINGLE intuitive conversational interface

  • Sorting of conversations by date
  • Traceability of read and unread messages
  • Conversation status on 4 levels: open, pending, solved, closed
  • Update of received messages every 5 minutes

Générer des avis positifsStrict compliance with marketplaces’ SLAs is essential!

The message response time, the number of complaints and product returns are meticulously calculated and scrutinised by marketplaces. Faster resolution of customer messages means more satisfied and loyal customers and meeting SLAs!

  • Centralisation of conversations on a single platform
  • Multi-criteria search: marketplace, status, order ID, names, subject, etc.
  • Segmentation of messages, product and offers