CMS Modules : essential gateways for successful integration towards BeezUP

Connecting your online shop to BeezUP is an open door to more than 2000 networks worldwide.

Of course, this connection is the cornerstone of the efficient operation of the business potential offered by our tool. Indeed, it is this connection that will ensure the sending of your product feeds on the one hand, but also the downstreaming of your marketplace orders.

Aware of the criticality of this connection, we have developed and made available for the most popular e-commerce solutions on the market, free CMS modules providing this connection between your shop and the BeezUP platform!

This article details the scope of these modules and the different e-commerce solutions covered.


  1. Scope of the BeezUP CMS modules
  2. E-commerce solutions with BeezUP modules

CMS Modules : essential gateways for successful integration towards BeezUP

1. Scope of the BeezUP CMS modules

The responsibilities of the modules are divided into 2 major roles:

a. Provision of your product catalog

The product catalog is your shop’s gasoline and is the starting point for your use of BeezUP.
It includes all the products to be displayed and must contain as much structured information as possible describing your products. Indeed, it is important to structure your catalog and build efficient product sheets to improve your ranking on marketplaces.

Most of our modules offer you a great deal of flexibility in terms of personalisation opportunities:

  • Multi-store management: very useful when your installation is made up of several “stores”, a single feed combining the two can then be generated.
  • Choice of products displayed: a number of selection criteria are available, including filtering by category, level of product availability and type of product (variant, simple, configurable, etc.)
  • Location of your catalog: choice of default languages and currencies, VAT rate.
  • Selection of attributes to be exported: although our recommendation is to export as much as possible, you can influence the choice of attributes to be extracted.
  • Delivery options: often a complex subject specific to each e-commerce solution, our modules allow you to either choose a geographical area and a default carrier and deduct the delivery costs for each product, or to export different combinations.

By providing you with a broad capability to personalise the source flow, you minimise your need to rework it within the BeezUP platform afterwards. As you can see, the associated time savings are substantial.
Finally, of course, all our modules generate feeds that scrupulously meet BeezUP’s technical requirements, and offer different generation options depending on your needs and the capabilities of your technical environment.

b. Synchronisation of marketplace orders

Your precious orders, the tangible fruits of your successful setup on the various connected marketplaces, must most definitely be handled with the utmost care.
Our modules also assume this role, and do so bi-directionally:

  • From BeezUP to your shop

1st logical direction, also called “downstream”, our modules take care of the integration of your marketplaces towards your online shop. This automatic operation is based on a certain number of preliminary settings that are essential for the proper adaptation of orders to your shop’s environment (order status, carrier, stock management, payment methods, etc.).
Once integrated, these orders from the marketplaces appear in your classic order management tab so that they can be processed like all the orders from your own e-commerce site!

BeezUP PrestaShop module order statuses

  • From your shop to BeezUP (and marketplaces)

As a logical consequence of the first step, once the orders have been integrated, they are processed with a view, eventually, to being dispatched.
Here again, our modules provide the link between your environment and the specific requirements of each marketplace.

In practice, this “upstream” direction corresponds to changes in the status of orders, in particular the change to “dispatched”, which is automatically sent to the marketplaces as soon as you mark them as such in your shop!
Other transitions such as cancellations or refunds can also be controlled from your shop.

By means of a bi-directional synchronisation of your orders from the marketplaces with your shop, you capitalise on a single order processing procedure for you or your teams, and mechanically minimise the risk of error!

2. E-commerce solutions with BeezUP modules

BeezUP PrestaShop modulePrestaShop

Our free module, compatible since v1.4 of Prestashop, ensures the interconnection of BeezUP with one of the most popular solutions in France today. To find out exactly what this module does, click HERE.

BeezUP WooCommerce moduleWooCommerce

E-commerce extension of the famous WordPress CMS, this “heavyweight” serving many websites all over the world is of course compatible with our feed management tool. To find out more, go HERE.

BeezUP Shopware moduleShopware

The famous solution from Germany is also compatible with BeezUP through a free module ensuring comprehensive interconnection: products & orders. All the info is HERE.

BeezUP Shop Application moduleShop-Application

The exception to this list, Shop-application does not have a module developed by BeezUP, but an interconnection developed by Shop-Application themselves! The guarantee of a quality integration.

Your solution does not appear in this list, don’t worry, it is still possible to integrate BeezUP via our API.
Speaking of which, we recommend this article which explains how to use BeezUP APIs to improve your e-commerce activity.


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Charles co-founder and CPO at BeezUP


Charles Barat
Co-founder and CPO at BeezUP