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Boost your e-commerce results by connecting your store and its ecosystem to BeezUP


🔁 Bi-directional e-commerce CMS solutions integrations

Because marketplace product feed management should increase your commercial performance, BeezUP has developed bi-directional integration modules compatible with the main e-commerce solutions on the market.

We help you easily integrate your store in BeezUP with our ready-to-use modules!

  • Synchronisation of product feeds
  • Management and centralisation of orders and stock…
  • …all with a wide range of options

Over 2000 international marketplaces and acquisition channels open their doors to you!

Discover our modules


  • BeezUP PrestaShop module
  • WooCommerce BeezUP Module
  • BeezUP Shopware module
  • BeezUP Shop Application module

🔀 Integrations via API

With our API REST v2.0, develop even more real-time interactions between your store and BeezUP.

Centralise the management of your marketplace orders towards your internal tools:

  • Recovery of orders according to the criteria of your choice with the information you desire
  • Unit or mass status real-time updates


To go further, you can:

  • Schedule and trigger your source data feed importation
  • Set up your networks as if you were in BeezUP: cost, categories, mappings, filters, etc.
  • Trigger your marketplace publications
  • Import your marketplace customer messages to reply to them from your own back office
  • Access your statistics to build the dashboards of your choice…
  • Manage the sharing of your stores between your different collaborators and external agencies


Use the BeezUP APIs to improve your e-commerce activity!

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