Unify the management of your
multi-marketplace customer messages with CONVERSATIONS

As an e-commerce feed manager, we at BeezUP are in the best possible position to observe e-merchants selling on marketplaces and the marketplaces themselves.

In addition to differences in terms of products, offers and orders, customer relations management is also highly heterogeneous within online sales platforms.

We are talking about both a technological fragmentation (email, chat, API, back office) and a fragmentation of practices and languages, which greatly complicates your daily life as a seller.

So we asked ourselves how we could make your multi-marketplace customer relations operations effective.

To address the difficulties of managing multi-marketplace customer service, with the help of several merchants, our team has developed a unique marketplace message management solution called “Conversations”.

This messaging solution, integrated with BeezUP, affords you simplified, centralised and standardised management of your customer messages from marketplaces.

What could be easier than offering our sellers a tool for standardising customer relations?
Conversations” provides merchants with key features to guarantee their e-commerce customers a 5-star shopping experience and meet the requirements (SLAs) of marketplaces. 👇


  1. Centralising of conversations
  2. Viewing messages
  3. Message organisation
  4. Response to messages

1. Centralising of conversations

Your customer and marketplace messages can be viewed from a single homogeneous interface with multiple possibilities:

  • Multi-criteria search: marketplace / status / order id / names / subject, etc.
  • Segmentation of product & offer messages
  • Update of messages received every 5 minutes

This way, you and your teams will no longer have any difficulty viewing conversations from marketplaces every day, or searching for a specific one.

Centralising of conversations BeezUP

2. Viewing messages

When selecting a conversation, you can access its message history, which is represented as a Messenger exchange, but also contextual information to facilitate understanding:

  • History of associated order events: purchase, shipping, etc.
  • Main characteristics of the order: amount, articles, name, dates, etc.
  • Bidirectional link with your orders so you can switch from one to the other in 1 click

With such a wealth of information, you have everything you need to respond accurately and in a personalised manner to your customer or marketplace contacts.Viewing of customer messages | Conversations BeezUP

3. Message organisation

In order to organise your message processing efficiently, our “Conversations” tool assists you in 3 ways:

  • Default sorting of conversations according to the date of the last message
  • Traceability of read and unread messages (manually modifiable)
  • Status of conversations on 4 levels: open, pending, solved, closed

No more endless juggling between the email box, the marketplaces’ back offices and the ticketing tool!

Message organisation | Conversations BeezUP

4. Response to messages

“Conversations” does not stop at viewing the messages, we obviously allow you to reply to them and enrich the conversation: 😅

  • With the choice of addressing your response to the customer or to the marketplace operator
  • Associating any attachments
  • Creating and associating the purchase invoice in 1 click
  • With the reply sent in real time!

Response to customer messages


Products, Offers, Orders…and Messages!

At BeezUP, it seemed natural to complete the operational loop of marketplace management and thus continue to improve the daily life of e-merchants

This “Conversations” module is the missing link in any standardised marketplace operation. We are convinced that with this tool, your customer service department will be able to focus on the most important thing: the content of the answers given to your customers.Optimize the management of your marketplaces messages now with Conversations!

Charles co-founder and CPO at BeezUP


Charles BARAT
Co-founder and CPO at BeezUP