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We’re going to grow your business together. That’s why we’ve set a competitive price list to match your needs and sector. Whether you’re a small or large online store, have a strong presence in marketplaces, or in other areas, or are just starting out, you’ll be satisfied with our services.
BeezUP pricing
Monthly prices per country for a billing period of:


99,99 € HT contact us


199,99 € HT contact us


299,99 € HT contact us


499,99 € HT contact us
  • General

    Number of products
    unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
    Number of daily imports
    4 6 12 12
    Mappings and personalized fields
    Optimization and filtering
    Automatic product deactivation rules
  • Marketplaces

    Maximum number
    2 4 6 unlimited
    Order management
    National International International International
    Publication reports
    API access and integration modules
    Invoice generation
    Marketplace Conversations
    100€/month 100€/month 100€/month
  • Standard channels (product ads, price comparison websites, retargeting, and so on)

    Maximum number
    unlimited unlimited unlimited unlimited
    Included tracked clicks
    5 000 15 000 30 000 75 000
    Additional tracked clicks
    0,015 € 0,01 € 0,008 € 0,006 €
  • Support

    Option Option Option Option
    Access to documentation
    Phone contact
    Max. responsiveness - online support
    2 workdays 1 workday 1 workday 1 workday
    priority pass

BeezUP is independent of e-commerce channels (price comparison websites, marketplaces or others). BeezUP prices do not include the cost of listing products on these channels.

Find out more about our main features

Adapt your catalog and products to each channel

BeezUP allows you to structure your data using entry, search and filtering support tools. Select products to publish by channel and customize data in detail.

Ensure you’re always up to date

Whatever the size of your catalog, you can import it as often and in whatever format you wish and monitor your data at any time.

Optimize your day-to-day performance

Benefit from advanced statistics for optimal marketing decision-making. Automate unprofitable product deactivation based on your priority reports.

Simplify stock and order management

Centralize and manage all marketplace orders and automatically synchronize your stocks.

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Integrate BeezUP with your e-commerce platform

Discover our free modules (Magento/Prestashop modules and other e-commerce platforms) and our API to make integration easier.

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