A comprehensive e-commerce data feed management platform

Designed to meet the needs of online stores starting their sales on marketplaces or on shopping engines, and marketing specialists who need to fine-tune high-volume catalogs, the BeezUP platform offers the best on the market: advanced customization, in-depth analysis, ergonomic handling and automated data processing.

  • Customize BeezUP to meet your needs:
  • Manage as many stores as you wish from your account, and switch from one to another within one click
  • Share access to your store with your team or external partners
  • Use BeezUP in the language and with the device of your choice (BeezUP is available in English, French, Spanish, Italian and German)

Adapt your catalog to maximize the impact of your products on every network

Don’t waste time structuring data to meet each partner’s requirements

Develop your mapping and categorizations with the help of our data entry, search and filtering support tools.

BeezUP provides you with support throughout the implementation stage: real-time updating of authorized values, documentation and onboarding support from our teams.

Customize data and build the impact of your products on each channel

Fine-tune the management of your titles, product features and prices using the customized field and product edition features.

Visual and dynamic, customized field creation allows you to build the fields you wish to create and to automate content production.


Select products to enable by channel

A wide selection of combinable criteria allow you to implement your own specific publishing rules.

BeezUP has developed multiple product-selection tools to meet your specific needs, including filters, rules, and manual or automatic selection.


Ensure you’re always up to date

Easy catalog imports

Whatever the size of your catalog, you can import it as often and in whatever format you wish.

BeezUP is calibrated for the most demanding catalogs with the option to import every hour.

Around-the-clock data monitoring

Benefit from a wide range of monitoring tools: detailed import history, error alerts, and exclusive BeezUP decision-making aids.
The BeezUP solution allows you to obtain a consolidated vision of your products transmitted by distribution channel, to know the errors of export of a product, to know which fields and values are transmitted but also to visualize your optimized catalog without exporting it.

With a 360° publication-to-marketplace vision, instantly detect non-publication causes and resolve them in seconds.


Simplify stock and order management

Centralize and manage all marketplace orders

A one-stop order management system that makes marketplace back-office connections a thing of the past.

BeezUP has developed an automatic approval feature so orders are ready for direct dispatch.

Worried about stock synchronization? Let BeezUP take care of it!

We push regular stock updates to your marketplaces.

Do you use Amazon FBA? Our modules manage two separate stocks, so your central stock is not decremented for products delivered via Amazon FBA.

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Thanks to our API Centrics design strengthen the performance of processing of flows and of the most consequent catalogs

Do you use PrestaShop or Wordpress? We offer free modules for easy and comprehensive integration. For other e-commerce solutions, opt for a connection via API.

BeezUP also offers an API Rest not only to recover and update your orders, but also to consolidate your statistics and manage your campaigns.

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Centralize the management of your marketplace messages

Save time by centralizing the management of your marketplace messages

Connect to the biggest marketplaces: Amazon, Rakuten, Cdon and all Mirakl platforms

Build customer loyalty and sell more by personalizing your pre-sales and after-sales messages

Be more responsive by finding your customer messages, order information and invoices in the same place

Optimize the working time of your customer service by prioritizing your discussions by status, filters and dates

Meet marketplace SLAs by reducing your response time

Discover the feature Conversations

Respond directly to your Marketplace customers


Optimize your day-to-day performance

1. Benefit from dashboards and advanced statistics

All needed data is available for optimal marketing decision-making. Select the format and save your most used analysis reports.

Macro or micro, customize the dimension and form of dashboards and reports.

2. Automate unprofitable product deactivation

Unpublication automation helps you to to focus investment on more profitable products.
BeezUP allows you to select the rule activation or deactivation criteria and their order of priority to optimize your sales strategy.

BeezUP allows you to select the rule activation or deactivation criteria and their order of priority to optimize your sales strategy.

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