Compliant with most e-commerce solutions

Set-up BeezUP in only a few clicks

Our Modules

Our free Magento module was co-developped by our BeezUP team and Magento community.
In only a few clicks, our module downloaded from MagentoConnect takes care of installing your sales tracker, setting-up your feed, with several options!
Our free Prestashop module, developed by a GOLD Prestashop agency, allows you to be all set-up for BeezUP in only a few clicks.
This module allows to define and generate an optimized product feed but also to set-up a very reliable asynchronous sales tracking system!
If your store is powered by PowerBoutique, using BeezUP is a child play, all you need to do is :
- Use CSV generic feed, or the customized BeezUP one
- Copy/paste our optimized tracking code for Powerboutique

And this is it!
The partnership set-up between WiziShop and BeezUP guarantees an easy and efficient set-up.
In order to install BeezUP within Wizishop, you only need to provide us the pregenerated product feed and type your storeID in the dedicated field.
You're then all set to use BeezUP!
If you use Shop-Application ecommerce platform, then setting-up BeezUP is pretty easy : send us your "BeezUP" feed available within "Marketing", then "Comparison Shopping engines" section.
For the tracking, just send an email to your Shop-Application support team, and it will be all ok!
Store-Factory powered stores can benefit from BeezUP in a few minutes. You only need to send us the generic CSV product feed that you can easily find in your BackOffice and then send an email to your support team so that they can install our sales tracking tag.
Once installed, it's all ok!
As a Weezbee partner, it's very easy to install BeezUP on your store : just send us your any "Comparison engines" feed.
For the sales tracker, fill in your StoreID in the dedicated field in BeezUP area.
Stores still using one of the first ecommerce CMS : oscommerce can obviously use BeezUP with no pain. It only requires them to generate a XML or CSV product feed, using a generic module or hand made.
For the sales tracker, please read our tutorial.
If your store is using the legendary Joomla CMS, you'll be able to set-up BeezUP in a short period of time. Several free generic modules allows to export a product feed matching our needs.
For the sales tracker, several solutions are suggested, see details in our article.
Oxatis stores will easily be able to install BeezUP, all they need to do is to send us one of the feeds that can be found in the backoffice.
For the sales tracker, it's only a copy-past of the code our dedicated team created for oxatis!
Stores using the famous xt:Commerce or xtcModified will be glad to know that BeezUP has a module that takes care of the main feed generation as well as setting up the sales tracker, mandatory to get conversion statistics.
The many stores using Plentymarkets will be able to use BeezUP very easily thanks to the work done by Plentymarkets team.
Product feed or sales tracker, everything is automatically set-up in only a few clicks.
Mondo Shop
MondoShop users will be able to use BeezUP in only a few minutes thanks to the purchase of a dedicated module. This module takes care of generating the product feed as well as installing the sales tracker.
SEOShop, thanks to a partnership with BeezUP, has created a feed dedicated to our needs allowing any SEOShop store to benefit from BeezUP features, especially marketplaces. The sales tracker can be installed in only a copy/paste.
ePages, worldwide platform, used by several ebusiness solutions such as Strato, 1&1, LaPoste, etc is compliant with BeezUP ! In order to install BeezUP, just take any export feed directly available within ePages interface. For the sales tracking one copy/paste and all is then done !