1000 channels at your fingertips !

Your data feed management in only one place



BeezUP allows you to maximize your investments ROI by publishing only products matching your business goals !

Select appropriate products


appropriate products

BeezUP allows you to select each product you want to export on each channel : either manually or through customized filters.

Unselect specific products


specific products

Thanks to BeezUP you can deactivate some products or categories that do not match your business goals.

Take control of your budget

Take control

of your budget

Through BeezUP you can follow your campaigns cost for every channel, category or product. You can, now, keep control of your ppc cost !

Define automatic rules


automatic rules

BeezUP gives you the opportunity to define your own custom rules for deactivating products based on : transformation rate, ROI, cost, or any other KPI you can choose.