Make life easier by integrating BeezUP with your store

Turnkey modules to connect your store with BeezUP

Find your BeezUP-compatible solution below.
Let our free modules take care of everything: sale tracker implementation, data feed configuration, order and stock management, and more. Plus lots of options!


If your e-commerce platform is not listed here, get in touch!

  • BeezUP PrestaShop module
  • WooCommerce BeezUP Module
  • BeezUP Magento 1 module
  • BeezUP Magento 2 module
  • BeezUP Shopware module
  • BeezUP Shop application module
  • Powerboutique
  • rentashop
  • Smart store net
  • Oxatis
  • epages
  • Joomla
  • XT commerce
  • Storefactory
  • Wizishop

New API to connect BeezUP with your store

Leverage the new API REST v2.0 to continuously boost real-time interaction between your store and BeezUP.

Marketplace order management:

  • Recover orders in line with your chosen criteria with the requested data
  • Unit or mass status real-time updates


For full BeezUP account control, you may:

  • Manage shared accessof your stores between employees and external agencies
  • Schedule and trigger your source data feed importation
  • Edit your channels settings as if you were in BeezUP: cost, categories, mappings, filters, and so on.
  • Access your statistics to build the dashboards of your choice

Learn more about our API :