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Our values

An online stores dedicated company
3 golden rules to help you better

Make your life simple

BeezUP makes your day better by avoiding you datafeed management technical hassle. Focus only on high value actions for your business: channels choice, products, content and performance monitoring.

Improve your ROI

BeezUP provides you a rich set of easy and powerful tools dedicated to maximizing your business performance. Keep a total control of your investments through our dashboards, customized reports and automatic rules :monitor and improve every invested euro!

At your service

Since e-commerce's best practices keep on evolving, our technical team is at your disposal. Whatever material you use : tutorials, FAQ, email, you are bound to get a fast and accurate answer to your query!

Our story

Who is BeezUP?

Behind this startup idea, two men: Charles Barat and Michel Racat. While working on their first business idea: an online store, they faced important challenges trying to publish their products and improving their return on investment. In that context, they got the idea of creating a software, and in 2009, after a 3 years R&D period BeezUP is born and grows up to then become a 25 talented persons company in downtown Paris.

What is BeezUP?

BeezUP is an online solution dedicated to online stores that want to get the best profitability out of their products being published on several high traffic channels. Thanks to an automatic technical process, BeezUP solution can publish efficiently all products and provides all needed tools to monitor and improve profit.

Why BeezUP ?

BeezUP is also 7 innovation prizes, such as the best innovative technical solution of the Paris E-commerce fair in 2009, or from the French Ministry of Research the same year, or again from the e-comm show in Barcelona in 2011. Above all, BeezUP is an international team that optimizes web traffic of 1500 online stores, accross 1000 partner websites in 15 european countries.

BeezUP is a unique software with a guaranteed expertise of the e-commerce industry.

Our board

Michel Racat

Michel Racat


Charles Barat

Charles Barat


Johnny Knoblauch

Johnny Knoblauch